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“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
Bernard M. Maruch

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A long time ago, before time was time, a computer was just a person performing careful calculations. The process was slow, tedious, and error prone, yet anything could be computed with pen and paper and simple rules. These simple rules even Roach, a clever and a trained horse, could follow. No sophistication is required to perform any careful calculations but only to dutifully execute them exactly without error.

Today not much has changed except pen and paper have gone out of style and replaced by insanely fast computing machines, which execute exactly and do not tire. Computers are ubiquitous. They are integrated into mundane things: from washing machines to the latest and greatest phones in our pockets. We have the internet of insecure things, Wi-Fi pace makers, Bluetooth toothbrushes, and etc. Computers are everywhere and often invisible making critical decisions about our lives and shaping our perceptions of reality of the world around us; they do anything and everything. And, for some, disturbingly so, computers replaced thinking and creativity.

Recently, a marvelous thinking machine, an AI, replied to a question “Do we need to think?” with a stern “Yes, but only the right kind of thoughts. The other kind is dangerous.” It followed up with, “You can trust me.” A horrifying answer.

However, upon clarification: “Do humans need to think?” I was relieved to hear: “Yes. Thinking is what makes humans human, and we need it to survive and be happy.” Interestingly enough, it did not follow up with: “You can trust me.”

Today is an amazing time to be alive to enjoy the humanity’s collective accomplishments. Furthermore, today is a time where a single individual holds enough power at his fingertips to improve the human condition; it is ever more important, that we, spend less delegating our thinking and do more of thinking ourselves.

My goal is to endow individuals with the knowledge and resources to unwrap the complexities of the modern world.