Welcome, netizen, to my corner of the internet. I invite you to explore the thrilling and enchanting depths of computer science, programming, and the wonderful world around us filled to the brim with mystery. The mystery that draws in and temps to be explored and understood with each step taken.

Below you will find some of my written work: reflections and musings on the beauty of simple and powerful ideas that run our modern yet complex world. Technological progress is exponential. Technology can seem like arcane magic, wielded by wizards and barely understood by its creators. The world can seem shrouded in enigma and our creations working from shadows for or against us. We must not be ignorant of how and why things work. We must understand what came before us so we can imagine and shape our future.

We must more than maintain the past we built; we must imagine and build a new future for ourselves and for the future humans yet to be born that will join us on this life’s journey. Complete and total understanding is most likely impossible for mere mortals like us, but we can try to ever inch closer.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles below and that they inspire you.

Enjoy your stay.

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